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My name is Chris Spenner, and I am a business consultant in St. Louis that helps business owner sell their business promptly. I am a partner with Metro Business Advisors in St. Louis, and all of our consultants are past and current business owners who help other business owners looking to sell their business in St. Louis.    I am not your typical business broker in St. Louis because I have a vast amount of skills that separates myself from a typical business broker in St. Louis.   I currently invest and own several businesses in the area.  Most advisors in the area, don't have successful business ownership experience and can't relate to the emotion that is involved in selling your business.  It is important to find a consultant who has a broad range of expertise in business ownership who can represent your company to potential buyers. If the broker you hire, can't relate to another business owner or a customer, they will have a tough time selling your business.

I created this blog to help current business owners with tools and tips on how to sell their business.   I will also be blogging about how to buy a business and things to look for in a business that is for sale.

About Metro Business Advisors:

Our firm specializes in advising business owners throughout the whole M&A process which removes the stress and emotional strain throughout the process or buying and selling a business.  We sell every business confidently and will always get the best selling price for our clients.  Our team of brokers will interview each potential client which will prevent our sellers from wasting time on unqualified buyers.  If you are ready to get out of the business and would like to get equity for your blood, sweat and tears give us a call.  Most business owners know us as the preferred business brokers to use when it is time to sell your business. MBA knows the St.Louis Market and our fees are very competitive. Metro Business Advisors is very selective on the clients we choose to broker.  Our company works with business all over Missouri, not just the St.Louis area so give us a call to set up your free consultation.

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Knowing Business Value is a Very Good Place to Start

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  People don’t want to spend money on things they don’t need. So why would you need an estimate of your company’s value if you don’t expect to leave for several or many years? You may not if you fall into one of two groups: Owners who are sure that their business exits are more…

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Why do we keep hearing about Private Equity?

By Adxotic | Oct 4, 2016

And how can it help you sell your business? You hear it on the radio, read about it in the papers, some politicians are part of private equity. So what exactly is it? Let’s start by defining a Private Equity Fund, another term you hear all the time. A Private Equity Group establishes a Private Equity…

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The Main Reasons To Sell Your Business

By Adxotic | Oct 4, 2016

Reasons for selling your business There may be some reasons why you are looking to sell your business: Divorce Change in direction Medical, health, personal and family reasons Disillusioned Been approached by an interested party Economic downturn Relocation Cashing in Shareholders split in direction Relocation Bereavement Divorce -In a divorce decree, it’s seldom declared that…

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