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Metro Business Advisors is much more than a group of St. Louis business brokers specializing in the confidential buying and selling established businesses across a variety of industries within the state of Missouri. Metro Business Advisors is not like every other Group of Business Brokers.  We set ourselves apart from all the other business brokers because all of our advisors are past business owners who bring professionalism and past business ownership experience to every client we work with.  Our firm specializes in advising business owners throughout the whole M&A process which removes the stress and emotional strain throughout the process or buying and selling a business.  Our St.Louis Business Brokers help you find a business that is tailored to your financial needs and your level of experience.  It is very important for us to maximize our client's dollars, and we have been able to capitalize on several business opportunities.  Metro Business Advisors, St.Louis Business Brokers,  are utilized to help small business buyers acquire privately held businesses around the St.Louis area.The process of buying a business can be very stressful and time-consuming however our brokers can assist in making the process easier.  If you are looking to sell your St.Louis Based business, our brokers will assist you with every aspect of the transaction. We will start with a fact-finding session, research and then evaluate the business preparing it for a sale.  We sell every business confidently and will always get the best selling price for our clients.  Our team of brokers will interview each potential client which will prevent our sellers from wasting time on unqualified buyers.  If you are ready to get out of the business and would like to get equity for your blood, sweat and tears give us a call.  Most business owners know us as the preferred business brokers to use when it is time to sell your business. MBA knows the St.Louis Market and our fees are very competitive. Metro Business Advisors is very selective on the clients we choose to broker for.  Our company works with business all over Missouri, not just the St.Louis area so give us a call to set up your free consultation.

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